Sunday, June 22, 2014

I finally was able to scan in my sketches I did at the zoo when I was in Colorado with Zuka a couple months back. I put together some of the better ones since I wanted to have it for my portfolio though animals are not my strongest point in drawing…
I’ll never forget though… These 2 young boys (maybe 10 or 12) saw us both drawing them while we were by the elephants and the exchange goes:

Boy: Whoa! Did you just draw that?
Me: Yes, I did!
Boy: Holy cow!…
Me: -Actually it’s an elephant…
Zuka: *pushes me*

It was great. ahaha

Sunday, June 1, 2014

So I fully illustrated a booklet for someone who wrote this for their younger sister as a graduation present on commission. I'm glad I got to be a part of something so special! I was also given permission to post it at least so I figured I would here.

Written by: Laural Price
Illustrated by: Bianca Paz (c)
So I haven't posted here in a while and I feel bad for that and feel really unprofessional. Not gonna get into more personal things, but I hope to have more from here on at least!

Friday, December 13, 2013

So here are some brief descriptions:

Madelynn “Maddie” is the more level-headed of the two, but is likely to get riled up regardless from whatever mischief her husband seems to get into. She takes things more seriously when it comes to her work, but definitely has a sense of fun and humor as well. Enjoys videogames in any downtime she can manage.
Darren on the other hand, is definitely a lot more wild in personality with snark and sass in bounds. Also famed for his borderline magical ability to counteract actual magic through his sheer stubbornness. Being a tenacious butthole has somehow worked to his advantage. But really he can be sweet in his ways and cares about what he does a lot, and obviously his wife.

And as a pair, they have their difference and bicker often, but their love is strong and always like to challenge the other. Squabbling is honestly just what they do. They first met back in college in the debate club and became a couple after getting into a vigorous argument that worked it’s way outside the club until the finally broke it off into an angry makeout session and made up their differences. haha
The two ended up doing professional babysitting since it was something they both found a passion for with children, but also because they couldn’t have children of their own. They have a tendency as well, to have a reputation with magical/fairytale type families and coming to the Candy House has not been their first. Maddie was born into a magical family without having powers for herself and Darren entered into their world through her. Only more adventures seem to await the young couple through the frightening world of babysitting (oh and magic too…)
 This is a story idea on a modern take for Hansel & Gretel, but it’s really not what you would expect. In fact, these two aren’t even the Hansel & Gretel in this story. They are Maddie and Darren, a young married couple that do nanny work for a living and their next stop here is a crazy witch’s house made of candy where 3 of her children reside, Hansel, Easton, and the youngest Gretel. There will be many ridiculous shenanigans regarding magic and the most terrifying of all: babysitting.

It’ll be fun haha.

I’m going to be doing a storyboard/animatic for a possible trailer with it for my portfolio and I think it might be really great to have some actual audio involved for once and have voices for these two to show their dynamic. And also just want to show a variation of what I can do for the portfolio and I might go with this choice for an animatic if I pic one to show in a demo reel.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Here’s the business card I did yesterday for CTNX. I think it’s alright but at the same time I’m always feeling intimidated by others that are gonna be there...

I definitely just wanted to keep in mind to show what represents me and not try to show something I'm not, so there you have it! haha...

(I blurred out the more personal contact information for the internet.)

This is Walter. He’s the alternate stand in for George in the alternate version of our Paperman Project.


As many of you might know, we still fully intend to keep the story as Paperman, but this is just in case. Really we just view him as an actor’s understudy but he has a lead role in his own story alongside his wonderfully goofy wife, Pam, where they star as ghosts (I posted them together once before in the festive spirit oh ohoho) and the two are a comedic duo and actual actors. And here he’s shown doing some drawings since George is an artist in the project, but Walter actually did set designs within his own canon up until he met Pam, an actress herself, and she encouraged him to follow his dream to be an actor as well.
Either way, I would love to share more with you with them but until the time comes for that enjoy some character design. Hopefully I’ll have Pam’s sheet worked up soon as well.