Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This is Walter. He’s the alternate stand in for George in the alternate version of our Paperman Project.


As many of you might know, we still fully intend to keep the story as Paperman, but this is just in case. Really we just view him as an actor’s understudy but he has a lead role in his own story alongside his wonderfully goofy wife, Pam, where they star as ghosts (I posted them together once before in the festive spirit oh ohoho) and the two are a comedic duo and actual actors. And here he’s shown doing some drawings since George is an artist in the project, but Walter actually did set designs within his own canon up until he met Pam, an actress herself, and she encouraged him to follow his dream to be an actor as well.
Either way, I would love to share more with you with them but until the time comes for that enjoy some character design. Hopefully I’ll have Pam’s sheet worked up soon as well.

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