Sunday, June 1, 2014

So I haven't posted here in a while and I feel bad for that and feel really unprofessional. Not gonna get into more personal things, but I hope to have more from here on at least!

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  1. Aww don't worry about that, we people who love your art understand that sometimes life keeps us busy. At least I know and I'm sure a lot of other people do :) So it's ok to not post for a while, and doesn't make you unprofessional in my opinion.

    Also, it's great when you talk a bit about your everyday like along when you post your art, because there are some people like me who admire the artists for real, and thus we enjoy knowing about their daily life, their thoughts, the feelings they had when creating art ^_^
    I've always believed if one admires an artist, the people who are genuine and sincere with their words, if they love an artists they also would like to know about the artist, as well as admire the art itself.
    So I think people who admire you for real, they will enjoy to read your thoughts and feelings about you and the world arround you, your anecdotes, your perspective of life.

    I cannot talk about other people, but you can be sure I admire you as an artist, so I will :D Cos I would like to know you more as a person, I would love to know who's the person behind the art who has been an inspiration! ^_^